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Early Autism Intervention

Precision Learning

Early Autism Intervention

Early Autism

More than 30 years of research demonstrates that early (before age 5) intensive (20-40 hours per week) behavioral intervention produces significant progress for children on the autism spectrum (Lovaas 1987). In order to have the greatest impact on the families we serve, priority is given to intensive early intervention. To maintain comprehensive quality treatment programs, the majority of services take place in our clinic where highly qualified and skilled certified staff closely supervise and provide direct services to each client. An individualized, comprehensive treatment plan is developed with guidance from parents to assure that we’re focusing on building skills that will improve the child and family’s quality of life. To that end, once the child has fundamental skills, therapy frequently includes in-home and community-based goals. Close therapeutic relationships and parent training is paramount to making this happen.


We realize that there is a great demand for ABA services and that individuals nearly any age and range of abilities could potentially benefit from services. Unfortunately, qualified ABA practitioners are scarcely available and many families spend years on waiting lists. In order to make the best use of the few available resources, Bright Futures prioritizes early intervention and primarily only accepts new clients under the age of 5.


To help increase service capacity, in addition to advocating for systems change, Bright Futures specifically hires staff who are interested in making a career of ABA and offers training initiatives to those who wish to become certified.


Precision Learning

While ABA is widely known for helping children with autism, the applications of learning science reach much further than that. ABA technology is also transformative for learners who struggle academically.


Our precision learning program is designed to help children who are not reaching their fullest academic potential and may or may not be labeled as having a learning disability such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, or ADD.


Based on the Morningside Model of Generative instruction, which typically yields two years of academic progress in one, our Precision Learning program helps children who struggle with reading or math catch up on foundation skills necessary for ultimate success.

Please contact us for enrollment information.


Our therapy programs are covered through private insurance plans. Please contact our office to find out if your plan covers ABA services. 


Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to bill Medicaid for our services. We are actively advocating to remove roadblocks prohibiting us from serving all children in WV. To get involved in advocacy efforts, please visit

The Precision Learning program is not covered by insurance

Parent Portal

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